Patient Services

DIHR (DEVA Institute of Healthcare & Research) Pvt. Ltd.  treatment ideally involves a multidisciplinary group of mental health professionals. Each team member addresses different elements of the patient’s difficulty: psychiatrist (medical/psychiatric, medication, psychotherapy), nurse and mental health technician (personal care and interaction), psychologist (Psychodiagnosis, diagnostic assessment of cognitive strengths/weaknesses, psychotherapy), social worker (relations with family), Mind body therapist, activity therapist ‘occupational, recreational, music (avocational and vocational skills), and other technicians (EEG, BFB, tDCS, TMS etc.). The diagnostic assessment and treatment of the patient are enhanced by the collaboration and integration of these multidisciplinary perspectives.
The phases of hospital treatment include (1) admission, (2) immediate assessment and intervention, (3) continued diagnostic evaluation and refinement of treatment, (4) clarification of treatment goals and discharge criteria, (5) progress toward and achievement of goals, (6) discharge, and (7) appropriate aftercare or follow-up.

DIHR Provides Following Services.