The institute offers twice a year intensive internship program for student of psychology and nursing at affordable fee structure. The student who is pursuing or completed bachelor or post graduation in psychology is eligible for internship

Our mission is to prepare interns for deciding to be personnel in professional psychology. The training program is geared toward this general aim as well as the specific interests and needs of the intern class. We subscribe to a “general exposure model,” with an emphasis on public service to the severely mentally ill. We offer guided exposure program because we believe that the focus of preparation for further in-depth training or for getting job should be on the acquisition and consolidation of general clinical exposure. An intensive clinical guided exposure experience with severely disturbed individuals can provide an invaluable foundation for understanding the maximum range of mental disorders. Interns are given exposure for broad range of clinical services, which is also consistent with a general approach.
Expertise Provided by:
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatric Social Worker
  • Psychiatric nurses
  • Psychiatric case history taking, and Mental Status Examinations
  • Introduction about common/major psychiatric disorders
  • Rating scales, Intelligence, Personality & neuropsychological assessment
  • Psycho-education and pre-discharge counselling
  • Psychotherapeutic Intervention: CBT, BT, RPT, MET, Counselling, and Mind-body techniques
  • Opportunity to observe ECT, EEG, tDCS, rTMS, BFB, BFT, Cognition lab, Sleep study*
  • COMAP – Community Outreach Mental health Awareness Program**
  • * No trainings will be provided.
  • ** Only when camps are organised
  • Outpatient Department – OPD
  • In-patient Department – IPD
  • Clinical Psychology/Psychosocial Unit – CPU/PSU
  • Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry – dCAP
  • ANVITA – An all women psychological well- being and psychosocial rehabilitation centre

Classes are taken by experienced psychiatrists and psychologists with parallel focusing on theory and practical aspects. The classes detail will be provided by coordinator in month end as per the number of interns on the date of class taken. Classes will be taken by consultants on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday after lunch (most probably between 4.00 to 4.30 PM), but timing/day can be tentative on availability or unavailability of consultants. The following topics are covered:

  • Understanding the functioning of mental health service delivery system
  • Clinical approach towards patients with psychiatric disorder
  • History taking, psychiatric interview and mental status examination
  • Introduction to common/major adult and childhood psychiatric disorders
  • Introduction to psychotherapies/assessments/psycho diagnostic tools and techniques in clinical psychology/psychiatry
Case Writing/Presentation/Submission
  • Each intern has to submit 3 cases with proper history, MSE, Diagnostic summery/formulation, and management. Cases will be assigned by consultant in charge of IPD, dCAP, and Anvita in the middle period of program. Apart from this each has to submit 2 submissions on the topic which will be given by the designated supervisor.
  • Each intern has to present a ppt presentation of assigned case in the last week on given date
  • A case report will be in form of case presentation as per candidate’s choice which should be informed to all consultants2 days before during the program is mandatory.
Graduate & Post Graduate Nursing

Graduate & PG Nursing: Without psychological understanding, a nurse would be unable to have genuine empathy, At Deva Institute offers one month or one and half months internship program for nursing students, this program offers handling of psychiatric patents, medicine management, mental health nursing assessments in both De-addiction & Psychiatric setup.


Certification will be done according to attendance and performance of the candidate during his/her internship programme.

1. Duration & Attendance

This is four weeks program and attendance should be at least 22 days in four weeks.

Only 2 days leave will be permitted in a month time, other than Sundays and national holidays.

Rest holidays will be charged with fine

2. Major Focus:
  • Understanding the functioning of mental health service delivery system
  • Introduction to psychiatric disorders, their diagnosis & classification system
  • Role of clinical psychologists/ social workers in psychiatric hospital
  • History taking, psychiatric interview and mental status examination
  • Clinical approach towards patients with psychiatric disorders
  • Psycho-education and pre-discharge counselling
3. Points to Remember During Postings:
  • 1. It’s very important to follow principle of confidentiality for every patient.
  • 2. Candidates are not allowed to talk to patient directly. They can interview patient only under supervision of any mental health professional.
  • 3. Candidates are never allowed to write on patients’ files, take photos and photo-copying them.
  • 4. Candidates are not allowed to share any personal detail of any patient outside the hospital.
  • 5. The work assigned and limitations should be followed according to the departments in charge
  • 6. Coming late and absenteeism should be reported in advance and with duly signed applications
  • 7. More than 2 absents will be charged in fine.
  • 8. Violating any rule mentioned will be meant for strict disciplinarian action against the candidate

Certification will only be given on the basis of attendance, performance, and no dues clearance.

Courses on:
  • Rorschach Ink Blot Test, Duration-10 days
  • Personality Assessment, Duration-7 days
  • Psychiatric Measurement/testing- 7days

Rest holidays will be charged with fine

List of DNB Passed students:
  • Dr. Robin Goel who is running a psychiatric clinic independently in Rewa, M.P.
  • Dr. Shikha Agrawal who is practicing as psychiatrist in Moradabad U.P.
  • Dr. Mallikarjun Rao Sagi is now senior resident at NIMHANS, Bangluru

Kindly contact for internship/observership to:

Ms. Noor Shabina

Academic Coordinator

Phone no. +91 9580336906

Deva Institute of Healthcare & Research Pvt. Ltd.

B 27/70 MN, Durgakund, Varanasi-221005 U.P., India

Phone no. 0542-2310670, 2313652